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Welcome to hair growth news dot com !

Hair growth news dot com is a web site dedicated to providing information on hair related news items and reviews of associated medical journal articles. In each section the hair news and review articles are listed by their date of distribution.

The web site covers anything and everything to do with hair. Hair loss diseases, particularly pattern hair loss, and treatments for hair loss are a key focus. In addition to pattern baldness, a section is dedicated to alopecia areata news and new developments for other hair loss diseases are published in the other hair conditions section of the site.

In addition, the web site looks at basic hair biology news and the latest developments in understanding the hair follicle and how it makes hair as well as other properties that hair follicles hair beyond hair growth. A special section is available that contains news on the latest developments in hair restoration and hair transplants.

Excessive hair growth, called hirsutism or hypertrichosis depending on the cause of the hair growth, is also examined in the hirsutism / hypertrichosis news section. Developments and news about hair cosmetics and hair color, including everything from hair shampoos to hair dyes, are also covered. Finally, if it is about hair but it does not fit in any of the other categories, news and anecdotes end up in the bits and pieces section.

We hope you enjoy reading about hair loss, hair growth, and hair cosmetics at hair growth news dot com!

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