Non prescription Nizoral available in the USA
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  • Non prescription Nizoral available in the USA

  • Non prescription Nizoral available in the USA

    Nizoral is a shampoo officially advertised as helping in the treatment of dandruff. Nizoral contains the active ingredient Ketoconazole. Previously, Nizoral was available only on prescription at a 2% concentration of ketoconazole. Now 1% ketoconazole is available without prescription in the USA.

    Ketoconazole is an anti fungal agent that is very effective in killing a fungus called P. ovale. P. ovale is very common and virtually all of us have it on our scalps. Normally it is kept under control, but sometimes it proliferates out of control. This excessive activity can be the result of hormones, stress, diet, climate, or even how genetically susceptible or resistant we are to this fungus.

    P. ovale fungus has been implicated in dandruff. When fighting off excessive growth of P. ovale our skin cells proliferate too fast. Dead skin builds up on the scalp. Eventually the dead skin cell layers break up and flake off as dandruff. Controlling P. ovale helps significantly in blocking dandruff.

    Unofficially, Nizoral has been promoted as a hair growth activator. Some claim it is as effective as minoxidil in promoting hair growth. As well as working against microbes, Nizoral also reduces the production rate of sebum.

    It has been suggested that androgenetic alopecia involves inflammation due to colonization of the hair canal by microbes as well as an increase in sebum production. Hair follicle sebaceous glands are androgen sensitive and in androgenetic alopecia the sebaceous glands become enlarged and produce more oils. More oils mean more sebum. This sebum, full of organic oils, is a rich source of food for skin flora and fauna. Microbes are more likely to enter the hair canal and proliferate feeding on the sebum in the canal. Nizoral may counteract these phenomena seen in androgenetic alopecia and some dermatologists believe this can help reduce hair loss and may help promote hair regrowth.

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