Don't be a lemon, put in a new razor blade
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Don't be a lemon, put in a new razor blade

A razor that smells of fresh lemons when it needs replacing could soon be saving men from early morning cuts and scrapes. The shaver is coated with a layer of microscopic capsules filled with a smelly chemical. As its blades wear down, the capsules are exposed to the air, giving off a distinctive odour and informing the owner that it needs to be thrown away. The razor is the invention of Andreas Dietz, an expert in electroplating, who believes that the smelly microcapsules could have uses outside the bathroom.

Dr Dietz, of the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films in Brunswick, Germany, said: "Wear occurs very frequently on tools. We have now developed a process that makes it possible to monitor the condition of coatings subjected to wear and tear, without having to stop machines."

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