Hair extensions gave woman bald patches
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Hair extensions gave woman bald patches

A woman whose hair fell out after she had extensions put in has been awarded nearly £4,000 (US $5800) compensation against her stylist. Suzanne Beadle, age 42 and a mature student, claimed that she lost her self-esteem and confidence after she began to go bald. Mrs Beadle paid £400 (US $580) for her blonde hair to be lengthened for a family wedding. However, she later complained that her extensions were falling out, and pulling her real hair from her scalp.

She said: "Fortunately I've got thick hair so it didn't show much early on. But I had lots of bald patches, five pence-piece sized, all over my head." Mrs Beadle, a mother of three, from Bournemouth, Dorset, England, sued the Marc Young hairstylist in Poole. Southampton county court awarded her £3,872 (US $5536) compensation to reflect her pain and suffering, and the lack of a warning about possible side effects. The stylist was also ordered to pay £3,593 (US $5137) court costs.

After the case, Mrs Beadle said: "A lot of people spend money on these things and they are not given the right information that it can cause hair loss. When I started to go bald I was devastated. Women like to have nice long hair, it is their crowning glory. If your hair looks good, you feel good. I felt bad about myself because I didn't feel attractive. I lost my self esteem. I would have been happy to have my money back. But I had to go to court and the hairdressers tried to say it was something I had done."

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