five times the shave in a single stroke - Gillette’s new razor for men
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Five times the shave in a single stroke - Gillette’s new razor for men

Gillette Co. has introduced a new razor for men, which features five (count them) blades. With this new development, it is pretty clear that Gillette is aiming to stay ahead of smaller rivals by adding more than just blades. The newly launched razor is called “Fusion”, and it has a unique feature added to it; it has a facial hair trimmer on the back. So the company is offering two things in one razor, and is promising to give the closest shave any razor could give until now!

As per the company information about the design of new razor, the blades of Fusion are 30 percent closer together, which actually helps in causing less irritation than normal blades. Many men have problems with wet shave blades due to irritation and adverse effects on the skin. As a result, electrical shavers have gained in popularity, especially among youth, as they tend to shave slightly less closely and so have a reduced chance of irritating or cutting the skin. But the new Fusion razor from Gillette is intended to ensure that blades and wet sahve razors are still in the market and a viable option.

Gillette is famous for its razors around the world with their previous model, Mach 3, doing particularly well in the market. But according to Peter Hoffman, who runs Gillette's razor and blades division, Fusion is expected to break the sales records previously set by the Mach 3 brand of razors. Mach 3 employed 3 blades and is claimed to give a very close shave. It was popular among men in many countries. However, Fusion is expected to outsell the Mach 3 razor and Gillette is hoping that it will be a very sccessful product.

It is an important time for the popularity and product demand of Gillette as Procter & Gamble (P&G) has agreed to buy Gillette - though the regulatory approval of the deal is pending. Analysts are expecting that the takeover could check some popularity of the product, but Gillette is sure that Fusion will be received in the market with same fervor as all their previous products have been. With the unique features that the razor has, it is expected that it will do well for sales purposes.

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