studies show longer hair considered more youthful and attractive
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Studies show longer hair considered more youthful and attractive

Despite the constant changing styles in Hollywood and on the street, studies have consistently shown that both men and women prefer women with longer hair. Long hair is seen as a sign of youth. Long hair is seen as a sign of health. Long hair makes women appear more attractive, to admirers of both sexes.

The journal Nature published a study some years ago that evaluated the role hair-length plays in decisions of attractiveness. A test group of subjects was shown a series of photographs of women and told to rate their attractiveness. Women who were initially rated lower received high scores when they reappeared with longer hair later in the series. Researchers at the time thought perhaps the long hair helped to slim the jaw-line, to hide undefined cheekbones, and to cover up flaws.

Another study by Florida State University psychologist Kelley Kline also used photos of women to with varied hair lengths to measure attractiveness. The average age of that test group was 27, but the results stayed the same. By a large majority, both male and female reviews found the women with long hair more attractive. Men in the group also showed an overwhelming preference for brunettes over blondes or redheads.

Despite these studies, most women prefer to wear their hair shorter. Shorter hair is easier to care for and more practical. Our culture also treats longer hair as the refuge of the young. Once a woman reaches a certain age; she is expected to wear her hair shorter. Some researchers believe that as women grow older and have children they no longer feel the need for long hair to attract a partner.

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