hair tattoos create buzz in India
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Hair tattoos create buzz in India

In a country known for its body painting and nail art, hair is the last frontier for body art designers. Taking inspiration from international fashion and hair shows, salons in India are finally offering hair tattoos to clients eager to push the envelope of fashion. With highlighting and extensions falling out of favor, hair tattoos offer consumers new ways to update their styles with a variety of designs and colors. According to the owner of the Marina Beauty Parlor in Beckbagan, hair tattoos are the ideal accessory for a night on the town. Because hair tattoos are so colorful, creative, and unique, Marina recommends toning down other accessories and even hairdos to allow the tattoos to take center stage.

Hair tattoos use crimping and color to create new looks for a client’s tresses. Specially molded design blocks (available in a variety of shapes and sizes) are attached to the hot plates of the styling equipment, and the hair is pressed between the plates for a minimum of 15 minutes to set the style. More elaborate designs may require up to 45 minutes of crimping to set the style.

Because the design blocks are pre-molded, designs are limited to the stock on hand at the local salon. Most salons offering hair tattooing carry a wide range of shapes and sizes to meet the needs of their clientele. A few of the more popular designs include stars, dolphins, waves, honeycombs, and geometric shapes. Some clients prefer the more subtle effects of the wave patterns while others crave the attention brought on by wilder distinct shapes.

Because the tattoos usually only last until the next shampoo, it is possible to glam out for a party on Thursday night only to return to the office with more business-appropriate hair on Friday morning. For those seeking a more long-lasting effect, specials gels and the heat-patter technique can ensure that the tattoos last through a few shampoos before fading out.

Although hair tattoos can be applied to anyone, customers with lighter hair or dyed hair may see more of an effect. The tattoos set better on pre-colored hair, and show up more prominently on lighter shades of hair. Most designs are done in one color only (from bold pinks and purples to more earthy browns and reds), but salons are beginning to experiment with multi-color hair tattoos for their bolder clients.

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