new lotion offers hope to consumers with thinning hair
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New lotion offers hope to consumers with thinning hair

A new hair thickening lotion containing ground, sterilized particles of human hair has just been released by a San Francisco based dermatologist, Dr. Sanford Schnoll. An Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology at University of California San Francisco, Schnoll is selling his Kerasome Real Hair Solutions online and plans to launch a national television ad campaign in the coming weeks.

To produce Kerasome Real Hair Solutions, Schnoll grinds sterilized human hair into powder and suspends it in a heat-activated lotion. Consumers apply the lotion as they would any heat-activated styling product, and then blow dry to set it in place. According to the manufacturer, Kerasome can be left on for days, and consumers need only rewet to restyle as necessary. Kerasome will not dissolve as a result of rain, perspiration, or physical activity, but agitating the product under water will release it.

Schnoll sees his invention as a dramatic improvement over previous offerings such as “spray-on” hair and scalp makeup, which were easily detectable and largely ineffective. Before Kerasome, the most popular product on the market was a powder made of dyed merino wool that consumers shake onto their scalps to hide thinning hair. Unfortunately, this powder gives hair a dull, coal-like appearance, and, if used in large amounts, eliminates the natural color variations found in human hair.

Because Kerasome contains real human hair particles, Schnoll claims it imparts the same sheen, texture, and color variations as human hair. The product literature claims Kerasome blends seamlessly with human hair and is effective in covering gray roots. Kerasome is available in a variety of colors to help consumers make the best possible match to their existing hair.

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