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Innovation to foil hair loss

A Japanese firm has announced plans to release a new treatment to combat baldness in men. Lion, one of Japan’s leading cosmetics and toiletries firms, began working on the new treatment at the end of a new study on male baldness sponsored by the corporation. The results of that research study were presented on July 14, 2005, at the 56th Research Symposium for the Society of Cosmetic Chemists in Osaka, and inspired Lion to search for new avenues of treatment.

In the course of the study, Lion researchers believe they discovered that a peroxide compound (consisting of oxidized sebum) causes the death of hair follicles and leads to baldness. Company scientists also discovered that a combination of beta-glycyrrhetinate (an anti-inflammatory) and piroctone olamine (an anti-oxidant) help prevent the death of hair follicles and can stop further hair loss.

Drawing on this research, Lion has created a new product to treat male baldness which contains beat-glycyrrhetinate and piroctone olamine. The new treatment, Medicated Hair Power Innovate Ex, is the latest addition to Lion’s Innovate Ex hair-growth stimulation line. Innovate Ex will debut in stores on March 1; the price of the product has yet to be finalized by Lion.

Innovate Ex contains three active ingredients: cytopurine (6-benzyl aminopurine), pentadecane (glyceryl pentadecanoate PDG), and an alpha-hydroxy acid derivative (octyldodecyl lactate). Lion claim Innovate Ex effectively promotes hair growth because alpha-hydroxy acid increases the permeability of the hair to cytopurine by 240%, stimulating the hair follicles to produce hair. Lion plans to release Innovate Ex as a fragrance-free topical lotion.

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