Shiseido introduces new treatment in the battle for hair loss solutions
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Shiseido introduces new treatment in the battle for hair loss solutions

Japan’s top cosmetics company introduced a new hair loss tonic this week, injecting some competition into the nation’s battle for hair loss solutions. By using the hair growth stimulant adenosine, Shiseido’s Adenogen hair tonic for men is designed to topple rival Taisho Pharmaceudical’s RiUP from its number one position in the Japanese market.

According to a company spokesman, Adenogen is a “quasi-drug” rather than a true pharmaceutical product. Shiseido, which currently controls 10 percent of the Japanese market, is hoping Adenogen will increase its market share by another 10 percent.

Taisho is the clear leader in the battle to control the 55 billion yen (US $525 million) market for hair growth products in Japan. Taisho’s RiUP contains minoxidil (developed by US drug company Upjohn) and is classed as a pharmaceutical product. RiUP’s introduction in 1999 gave Taisho the lead over Shiseido with a 30 percent chunk of the Japanese market.

Though the market for women’s hair growth products is much smaller (only 3 billion yen), Taisho hopes to expand this market by offering a product tailored specifically for women. In a bid to stay on top of the market, Taisho is introducing a new product designed exclusively for women; RiUP Lady will be available in stores on April 1 2005.

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